About us

MiBlackBox® is your virtual witness ®
  1. MiBlackBox is a service that is available to all GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) mobile handsets that are active on the mobile network. The USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data) based service supports the recording of voice files only and sends an SMS (Short Message Service) with a link to the voice file to one pre-registered emergency contact (“USSD Service”). The Application (App) version offers more functionality, including, voice and video recording, taking, storing and sharing of pictures voice and video recordings allowing the user to register multiple emergency contacts, identifies nearby emergency services and offers tracking functionality (“App Service”).
  2. The service allows you (“the User”) to:
    1. record, store and share calls, videos and/or pictures in unforeseen, important events and / or in emergencies;
    2. the voice, video files and/or pictures are recorded, encrypted and stored at secured servers and a notification (SMS or in-App message) along with location (App only) is sent to the User’s pre-registered emergency contacts (limited to one for  USSD Users and multiple emergency contacts for App Users ) thereby enabling the voice file, video and/or picture to be accessed by the User and the emergency contact/s.  In the case of the App, the emergency contact/s is/are able to access the file, video, pictures and view the Users location as well as the User’s historical position for up to 48 hours and identifies nearby emergency services provided the emergency contact/s is/are registered for the Service.  (“the Service”).
  3. MiBlackBox may be used:
    • whilst being followed or when walking or driving, a call can be made recording and sharing the details of the event along with your location, date and time;
    • in cases of domestic violence, sexual assault and/or abuse;
    • road block or traffic interactions;
    • generally, in any situation in which you feel threatened, insecure and /or unsafe;
    • in the event of a motor vehicle accident, photos, voice files and/or videos can be uploaded recording information as well as eye witness accounts;
    • during unforeseen events and / or emergency situations;
    • to check the location and whereabouts of friends, family, spouses and colleagues.

    Register for the App through your Apple or Google Play Store account.
    For the USSD Service (non-smart phones), dial *120*8821# or other USSD string as published from time to time from  your mobile phone and then complete the simple guided interactive USSD menu driven process.
    Once registration is completed, USSD Users are sent an SMS with the contact details of MiBlackBox which they can save in their mobile phone directory or if possible as a hot key on their mobile phone (fast dial).